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    Workspace/Webaccess Happiness survey without logging in


      We are trying to implement the Happiness survey into Service Desk and we have managed to get this. To get people to input this we have put a link (at the moment it is webaccess but would prefer Workspace)  in the resolution email to the Incident Survey action. We have created an Anonymous User on Webacess with a default Dashboard so that they can enter the survey without logging in (it will use the person who the call is raised by). The link takes the straight to the customer survey but when they click the link it takes them to the default dashboard and not the survey. If they click the link again for a 2nd time while the dashboard is open then this time it will take them to the survey. Is there any way we can get them to enter the survey without having to get them to log in or so we can bypass the initial loading of the default dashboard.