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    Currently logged on user and last reboot




      How can I easily get the Currently Logged on User on computers that have LANDESK Agents? I know that if I right-click a machine and select Inspect, it gives me that information. Is it possible to run a report that gives me that information for multiple machines? I haven't come across anything that allows me to do so. It's interesting that LANDESK has so much information it collects, but is not able to produce simple information such as the "Logged on User" or even when a machine was "Last Rebooted" in an useful manner. I understand that the Inventory Scanner schedule has something to do with this information. Is it possible to run the Inventory Scanner in a way that it will only collect these two information, since then we can have it run every 5mins so to have an almost real-time information? Any help or advice/comments would be helpful.


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