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    TelnetCE - make a macro


      Hello there,

      I'm using TelnetCE 7366 and I'm trying to exit the emulation (5250 or VT) with a datalogic Skorpio keybord. I tried FN ALT x but it doesn't works. I have to make a specific macro? if so how do that ?

      Thanks in advance for your help.

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          Matt Dermody SSMMVPGroup

          There are three options as I see it:


          1) If you have the Menu Hidden and TelnetCE in full screen mode, you can specify a key combination that will reveal it. Once the Options Menu is revealed you can then navigate to Exit. I generally prefer using the Alt-O key combination for this purposes.




          2) Specify a Program Exit Key in the Emulation Parameters



          3)Create a Wavelink script that is activated by a custom key press that will close the TelnetCE application.


          Script( Exit )

          Activate( On_Key, 0x79, None )

          Comment: 0x79 is F10 in this instance. You would replace 0x79 with the equivalent hex code of the key or key combination that you prefer

              Exit_Application( 0 )