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    Help counting totals and calculating with them.

    MickDude Rookie

      Hi All,  Any help appreciated.


      I'm looking for the simplest way to obtain some information from our LANDesk system.  We give each incident a complexity score so I need to get the total number of jobs closed by an Analyst, the total of all his job complexities added together and then be able to average the complexities by the number of jobs closed.  I don't mind if this is in a report, a claculated attribute or a query just as long as i can display the information.


      Thanks in advance.


      Mick x

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          PBRENNAN Employee



          You don't mention if you need to export the information from the system.

          One way to do this would be to create a query from the Resolution or Closure object.  This depends on which you are reporting on.

          On this query place the Complexity attribute and also display the Creation User of the Resolution/Closure

          Group the query by the CreationUser.Title

          Once it is grouped, you can right click the Complexity column in Query Designer and select 'Aggregates'.

          Here you can select to display the Average,


          NOTE: This will only work if your Complexity attribute is an Integer.