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    Windows Calculation not working on the fly / only on Save

    Guy_Walton Apprentice

      Hello all


      I'm experiencing an odd issue


      we are trying to make our Landesk incident window a little more focused by hiding elements / un-hiding elements depending on Category selection


      the calculation is working , but it's only affecting the status of the elements after saving.


      Does anyone have any suggestions of what could be causing the issue.


      the calculation at the moment looks like this

      import System static def GetAttributeValue(Incident):   Check = ""   Value = ":SetHidden(ConfigurationItemType, True);:SetHidden(ConfigurationItem, False);"   if Incident.Category != null :     if Incident.Category.FullName == "Hardware" :       Value = ":SetHidden(ConfigurationItemType, False);:SetHidden(ConfigurationItem, False);"   return String.Format(Value)


      I have check the background services, and the following are running








      and advise will be greatly appreciated.