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    Process Design - Error on Create Child Request

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      I am fairly new to LANDesk process design.  Currently our Request and Incident processes allow us to reopen existing incidents and requests but we would like to be able to have a process where a child incident or request is created at Unresolve/ReOpen with the details from the parent (with the exception of the category which we would like to be able to amend).  We would like the parent call to automatically close after the child is created.


      However when I try to add in the Create Child Request at Unresolve or ReOpen I get the error:


      Attempt to perform action Attach Parent Request on Request failed.  This action is not available at status Open.


      (I am following the design principles we were illustrated at the LANDesk bootcamp training but its doesnt seem to work for us.)

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          HI there,


          When you create a parent/child link such as in the scenario above there needs to be "matching" actions each side of the link where the relationship happens.


          So in this case a "Create Child Request" child linking action needs the matching "Attach Parent Request" parent linking action on the relevant status, in your case on the Open.


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            Hi Philip,


            Many thanks for your reply.


            I actually thought this was what I had missed so I added in the "Attach Parent Request" Action to the process earlier and on testing I now get a different error:


            Error invoking business function The business function AddParentRequest of class type RequestManagement.Request was invoked without a valid data object as input.




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              You should have got a list of requests that were currently attached popped up when you used that manual action,  Assuming you selected one , that should be enough.  You cannot detach automatically in a process.

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                Hello and thank you for your reply.


                At the moment, we do not have the option to link parent or children to requests.  That's what I am trying to incorporate and would like to be able to Create Child Request when a call is Unresolved or ReOpened.


                I have tried amending the process many times - adding the Child and Parent Actions in from Open status, In Progress.


                Nothing seems to work.  I continue to get the error:


                What I want the end of my process to look like is :



                I just need some help figuring out how to make this work, if it is indeed possible.




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                  Thanks for the article (I had already come across that one on my quest for a solution to my problem )


                  I just wanted to update this thread with the solution I found that helped me.


                  I went with the advice on the following thread How to hide the "Add Parent ..." action when creating child records


                  Creating a separate process to handle Attach Parent Request seemed to work successfully.  At Unresolve or ReOpen LANDesk creates a child copy of the request that goes into In Progress status.


                  I just have to figure out whether its possible to see/amend the window to recategorise the request when it is being reopened/unresolved.


                  Thanks for your help.




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                    Thanks for doing that as it helps other people with their searches,  To change the category you could collect the new category and use a windowless action to update it.

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                      Thanks for that advice!  How would I go about collecting the new category?  I thought I would need a window to select the new category from?



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                        Yes that is what I meant by collect the new category.  You have a couple of choices for this. You can create a new windowless action called something like Reset Category that has the property set on the action that allows association with a window.  Then create your new Reset Category Window unde the Incident Management/Incident branch of the window manager tree and only have the category on it. Use a window rule so that if someone uses this action, the window pops up and the only attribute they can change is the category.


                        The other method is to use a regular action and window to collect the data.  You'll also drag the incident category onto this object and add it to the window so you have a way of collecting the new category.  Once the action has been carried out, you can then update the incident using a very similar windowless action as above, but this time it's an automatic action in the process that does the update and you use the Value Type feature of process designer to copy the collected category into the windowless action which then updates the incident.


                        The simple windowless action works well, but I don't think appears on the audit trail very well.  Also I don't think windowless actions can propogate don through a parent child tree if you ever wanted that to be done.  The second method takes more time, but you can more easily see who did what and when and it can be used if you want to propogate the action.


                        I guess there is also a third method. Use the windowless action and clear out the category.  If you have that as mandatory attribute, then no-one will be able to progress the incident afterwards without filling it in.  Simple and might be all you need.


                        Time to play I think!

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                          Thanks for this .  I will have a go at implementing this soon and will report back with my progress.