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    Kaspersky breaks Jabber softphone?

    jaericho Apprentice

      Has anyone had any issues with Kaspersky blocking Jabber soft-phone. I can usually get one call in immediately after Jabber is started. But after a couple minutes, I can no longer make or receive calls. Even tho Jabber says the connections to Call Manger is working.


      Only uninstalling LDAV fixes the issue. Pausing Kaspersky doesn't help.


      We're only using the File System and System Watcher components of LDAV.

      LDAV is at version

      Win8.1 x64 and Win10 x64 machines are affected. It seems that Win7 x86 isn't affected.

      LDMS is on 9.6 SP2 with the 1223 patch.

      I found a thread on the Cisco forums that looks like it's something similar but their fix was to use a different AV for the affected user.