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    Unable to View Attachment

    dunnsu Apprentice

      Hello -


      When an end user adds an attachment to their Service Desk ticket, how does the analyst view it?

      We're using Service Desk 2016.  The end user adds an attachment from the web access screen when opening an incident ticket.  When the analyst opens their window to view the ticket, there is nowhere on the screen that allows the analyst to view the attachment. Or anything that indicates there is an attachment.

      If the analyst adds the attachment, they will get the Attachments tab at the bottom of their window and can view it from there.


      I'm sure it's something simple I'm missing but I haven't figured it out yet....



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          I suspect there is an attachment attribute that has been added to the end user window so they can put their attachment into that instead of using the more regular Add Attachment action.  ou cna check this by taking a look at the end user window.  If that is the case, the analyst window will need to have that same attribute so they can see what has been added.