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    Reboot Task: The package is already installed

    jbstanley Rookie

      Running LDMS 9.6SP2.

      I have created a scheduled task to force a reboot. I tried re-using the ones that were created in the old 9.5 environment, and also created new ones.

      It works the first time a device is added to the scheduled task.

      Problem is, if the scheduled task is successful once, I cannot then run the task on the device a second time; it returns with "The package is already installed."


      I also have this reboot package added as a Final Package in another scheduled task, but it never sends the reboot prompt to the devices.


      We didn't have this issue in 9.5 so, did this behavior change in 9.6? If so, can it be reverted back to 9.5-type behavior? Or do we just need to do something differently?

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          jbstanley Rookie

          Well dang, I apparently never realized, or paid attention to, the agent settings option within the scheduled task itself. Simply changing the agent reboot behavior to the "Act as if reboot is always needed" setting seems to do the trick.


          Though that still leaves the "The package is already installed."


          There are times when we want to send a LANDesk reboot nag out to a device (or devices); and we don't want to have to recreate that task or package all the time.