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    Scheduled Tasks - charts vs counts

    rdm Apprentice

      LANDESK has decided (in version 2016, aka 10.0) to drop the use of summary counts when viewing a Scheduled Task, in favor of using charts.


      To clarify, when you highlight a task (prior to 10.0), the right side of the console shows either charts or counts.


      Here's an example of the counts:

                Scheduled Tasks - counts.png

      Here's an example of the charts:

                Scheduled Tasks - charts.png

      There are several problems with the charts:

      • There is no total count.
      • You cannot drag/drop anything onto the the right side of the screen when you're viewing charts.  It's safer to drag targets onto the right side of the screen than onto the task name (because if you miss the task name, you might drag onto the wrong task). 
      • The return codes are meaningless unless you memorize what they represent.  This could be fixed by adding a flyover description (e.g. when you point at something, it shows the description).


      Even if these problems were fixed, I would still prefer the simpler view.  Did LANDESK poll everyone and I missed it?  If not, they should have.


      The only caveat is that existing console users (during an upgrade from 9.x to 10.0) will keep their summary counts (for now).  But any new console users will get the charts.

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          edwest Apprentice

          Did you ever find a fix for this or are we out of luck?


          It states in the LD2016 help files that it's still in there and can be activated/deactivated.

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            wcoffey SupportEmployee

            Hi RDM,

            You can turn the Chart display off by selecting a task and choosing the Charts icon in the toolbar.



            You will then be presented with the Chart Properties interface and in the top left corner de-select the Display Charts options.




            In 2016 we introduced Custom Targeting which gives you the ability to target from within the properties of the task instead of having to drag and drop devices from the Network view. The "flyover description" options you mentioned regarding what the error codes mean is  problmatic. The task translates what's contained in the return code mapping template for the content you are deploying. If the return code is in the mapping it will contain a status message associated to the number value of the return code. Landesk doesn't interpret every possible return code derived from all vendor software products. We do have an article outlining the Landesk Codes mean (View the PDFattached in the below listed article).

            Agent Return Codes

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              LANDeskWizrd SSMMVPGroup

              To be clear, that option to turn off charts is no longer present in 2016(10.0), according what I have been told by LANDESK.

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                wcoffey SupportEmployee

                Thanks, the information you were provided is correct. In 2016 we've transitioned to DashBoards that are associated to our SmartVue technology.So the (Quantity/Percentage) view available in earlier version is not present in LDMS 2016.