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    How to change the colour of label based on boolean value


      Hi All


      I am struggle with a simple task. I have created a boolean attribute called VIP. All handful vip end user have been "ticked" as vip's in the end user window.

      I just want to change the colour of vip label on incident window as soon as a vip user raises an incident. At the moment my vip boolean field is working as expected all i want to bring in is the colour for vip label. Below is the calculation i have got which i have put used on "IsVip" attribute on user business object, calculation after read


      import System

      static def GetAttributeValue(User):

        Value = false

        if Incident.RaiserUser._IsVip == True

        Colour = 'Red'

        return Value


      when i click on test syntax i am getting an error.