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    Email Alerts Not Working in LDSM 8.8 - No sendemail.log Being Generated


      I've just recently started configuring alerts in LDSM, and cannot get email alerts to work. My understanding, from reading all of the other posts on the subject and the documentation, is that when an alert with the email action is generated on a client, the CORE uses sendemail.exe to send the email alert. I know my alert is working correctly, because the other action, log to the local event log, is working fine. However, no email is sent, and the sendemail.log file doesn't exist on either the core or the client. I don't believe this to be a SMTP authentication issue since the log file itself is never generated - rather, I believe that sendemail.exe is never being called.


      We are planning on upgrading to SP2 when it comes out, but for the time being I'd really like to get this resolved.


      Any suggestions? Any other log files I can look at?