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    Disable random delay in inventory scans

    RBC Apprentice

      Hello everyone.


      It is possible to deactivate the random delay for a inventory schedule-driven scan in Macintosh agents?


      When I try to change it, the check appears grayed out.





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          LANDeskWizrd SSMMVPGroup

          I don't believe there is a way as it is also grayed out on my core. I am running version 2016.

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            JBnCO Apprentice

            If you are running an agent prior to LD 2016, then you can crack open the agent and modify the baseagent.mpkg.  In the LDMSClient.mpkg/Contents/Packages/baseagent.pkg/Contents/Resources directory, there are a few files that you can look at to modify this.  With 9.6 SP2, it looks like you would want to ldcron.default.xml and ldcron.xml files. 


            I used to modify every agent to lower these numbers and also add a -e -s to the ldiscan command but have not since upgrading to 9.6.  Support frowns on modifying the agent files when support is needed .


            If you are running LD2016, I believe they have done some locking down of the agent in a DMG where if you try to extract and modify the agent, it will not install correctly.  I have not tested this yet as we are still on 9.6 SP2.