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    Creating and deleting snapshots


      Is anyone automating the creation/deletion of snapshots during the scan/repair process?

      If so what are the steps you took in doing so? I am looking to set this up for several VMs (both in VMWare and Hyper-V).

      I was thinking of using the pre-repair / post repair script options within the Distribution and Patch Settings but am wondering if there is a better way to accomplish this.

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          jaysmith SupportEmployee

          Hi pbrophy,


          As long as you can determine the correct and appropriate command line options to create the snapshots, you can script that out and use a pre-repair script to execute it.  While I have not personally done this, I was able to find some example powershell scripts to take a snapshot in hyper-v.  Here is one such example:



          LANDesk Patch and Compliance does support executing pre-install powershell scripts so this should be completely possible. 

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            phoffmann SupportEmployee

            Yah - the above is spot on.


            If you want/need a bit of help to get started with www-services type calls, check this out (this is around our own www-service, but it'll give you a foundation to work from):

            - Getting Started with the MBSDK (Example Scripts Included)


            Gotchas to watch out for (and ran into in the past):

            - Hyper-V version 1 (so - Windows 2008 based) doesn't "really" have native Powershell integration / support. There is "a" set of Powershell commandlets out there that you can google up fairly easily, but they are of somewhat questionable reliability & that project hasn't been looked at / changed / updated in years, so I suspect is quite dead.


            - Hyper-V version 2 (Windows 2012) has got native Powershell commandlets ... I've not had to look at those "in anger" as it were, but I'd expect most functions to be covered. Generally, you'll always be limited "by the vendor" here. If the Vendor doesn't let you do something - (shy of hacking) you'll have to adhere to those restrictions.


            - VMWare is a bit of an odd beast. They HAVE Powershell & Python & so on plugins, but they're all required. You can't just "natively" talk to VMWare WWW-services in the WSDL-type format that our MBSDK does. Some of their methods are also very W#)$(*@#)$*( funky / unintuitive / "garrr"-inducing nonsense (especially if you're trying to make sense of inventory information from them).


            "It does work" (and at least they HAVE such integration) ... just be prepared for some frustration. And ... you will *HAVE* to have those VMWare-bits installed on which ever box is going to run those PowerShell scripts. I don't quite see "why" there's a 500 MB install for "just' being able to talk to a WWW-service type thing, but "oh well". I'd rather have that than nothing at all ...


            Hope that helps.

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              phoffmann SupportEmployee

              ... and here's the Powershell thing for VMWare ... "PowerCLI" ...

              - VMware vSphere 5: Private Cloud Computing, Server and Data Center Virtualization


              On the plus side, if you've got ... (I want to say) VSphere (?) ... the boxes that manage multiple ESX-servers, then you can talk to THAT thing & pull information centrally / delegate stuff down.