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    Adding machine to Scheduled Provisioning Task

    steve.may Apprentice

      This kind of goes along with a previous post by AFP, but it's a slightly different issue so I figured I'd create a new thread.  Here's the background.


      I've created a PowerShell GUI that our desktop techs use to add a new bare metal device with the device name and mac address.  The bare metal file is copied to the ldscan folder to be processed.  From the GUI, they choose the O/S version, location, and desired provisioning template.  The script then uses their credentials to create a scheduled task from the provisioning template they've selected.  All of this works as expected.


      The script is then supposed to add the bare metal device to the new scheduled provisioning task.  This times out and pops up an exception from the w3wp.exe IIS process on the core server.  The techs do not have access to "All Devices".  They only have access to their particular scope as well as a query based scope based on the "Bare Metal Provision" system type so they can access bare metal devices.  After the timeout, the script uses their credentials to start the scheduled task, which works as well.


      The entire process works for me, but I have access to "All Devices".  Has anyone seen anything similar or have any ideas?  I can't tell if this is an IIS config issue, or if it's not possible without access to "All Devices" which would be disappointing.  The end goal was to have a tool that the techs could use to provision machines without having to use the remote console.


      I put in a support request with LANDESK already and they are looking into it, but I figured I'd post here as well since I'm sure some of you guys are probably doing something similar.