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    Auditing in Landesk


      Hi All,


      Can tasks performed in Landesk be tracked ?


      Here is a sample list of actions that I would like tracked.


      1) No of build jobs that were done over a defined time period, the serial number of machines that were used and the name of the admin who scheduled the jobs.

      2) Who deployed what software and when.

      3) Historical user information of an asset.




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          JoeDrwiega SupportEmployee

          I know you can create many Audit queries that might meet all your needs except the historical user information of an asset, that might be another tool or inventory query.AuditQuery.JPG

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            Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup



            What kind of historic information are you looking for? There are indeed a couple of 3rd party plugins that handle this, but you could also use DTS Export rules to update your CMDB with certain changes...


            For historic information on the usage of a device, I would recommend Marxtar State Notifier. If you need something like 'snapshots' of all Inventory, take a look at Verismic Archive Analysis. Honestly, in my experience, Verismic is a bit slow though to support new LD versions, where Marxtar has that covered very quick after release. (And no, I'm not associated with either of them  )