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    PE Network Drivers

    carlos Expert

      Hello, I need to PE boot a Lenovo P50 (windows 10 Pro), I got the message ...no adapter is in the step permissible for this operation"

      This is a think due to drivers, I have the following questions:

      How do I know which driver do I need for a particular model? I can check it in control panel but I guess the name is not enough. This takes me to the manufacturer site, in here I can find the exe, usually they have more than 1, even if I look using the SN.

      When getting the exe and install/extract the drivers there are a lot of folder and sometime multiple .ini for example for this P50 I found several windows10pro folders and drivers.

      I selected 2 of them but still the same error message.

      I did redeployed my PXE (is this necessary?)

      I did get the new windows 10 boot.wim files

      Any help is appreciated.