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    Office 2016 Deployment using LANDesk


      I am deploying Office 365 using LANDesk deployment tool. I have the.bat file pointing to the .xml file and I’m running the install of Office 365 successfully.

      The issue I’m running into is:


      After a successful install of Office 365 LANDesk still says Stage = Installing Status= Working (I made the .xml file set to BASIC so I could see the progress of the install..It will continue to say Installing till I cancel the Scheduled Task.


      I need a successful status of Complete since I need to push Office 2016 to the entire company eventually. I'm still in the testing phase but have not found a resolution yet.Office 365 Deployment Issue.JPG

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          I ran into the same problem and was able to resolve using a little trickery. I made 2 batch file distribution packages, one to launch Excel and one to install Office 365. In the Excel package I set the Office package as a dependent package so it runs that first before launching Excel. Once Excel launches and the user activates the software it shows a successful completion state.