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    Any way to turn off/disable VelocityCE demo mode or know when a scanner is connecting in demo mode?


      How do we prevent users from using VelocityCE in the demo mode? With Studio we installed licenses and if more than the authorized number tried to access the server it stops them and said "User limit reached". However any scanner loaded with VelocityCE and unlicensed can go into demo mode. It gives the users a warning, but once they go past that they can continue to use VelocityCE for up to an hour. However based on our experiences with one of our Beta site users, they can just restart the VelocityCE session again very quickly and use it for another hour without issue. Getting around the licensing requirement. Any way of turning this off or disabling? How do we control the number of users using our software in a VelocityCE environment?