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    Config file for Android Avalanche Enabler


      I'm looking to automate the staging/enrollment process for Zebra android devices. Is there a config file that you can place on the android device that will fill out the Enabler's "Enrollment ID" field, the "Password" field, and the "Server" field?


      Basically I need the equivalent of the _DEVPROP.PRF windows CE file for Android devices.

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          nrasmussen SupportEmployee

          Currently no functionality like this exists for our enabler on Android OS.


          One staging option I've seen is to use a third party qr barcode creation tool. Then you can create qr codes for the Enrollment ID, password, and server field so the stager just has to scan them. 



          Nick R

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            Thanks Nick. Any plan to add this? Since Velocity can pull a config from the /enterprise/usr/ folder, seems like it would be a good method for the Enabler to do the same.


            Also, any way to show the server field by default? It's just another step during staging to hit the edit server button to show the field.

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              Matt Dermody SSMMVPGroup





              I noticed that bulk enrollment is now supported as part of the Android Enabler. Do you have any documentation on how to create the enabler.prf file needed for the process?



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                Matt Dermody SSMMVPGroup



                This is now technically possible with the latest version of the Android Avalanche Enabler. Create an enroll.prf file containing the following:





                NOTE: the server address has to match the avalanche certificate that you created. If you used IP in the certificate creation use IP in the server field, conversely use the exact same DNS name if you used DNS during the certificate creation process.


                The enroll.prf file should be deployed to the device at the /enterprise/usr/persist/ directory. NOTE: This is only applicable to Zebra Android devices AFAIK


                Once you load the Enabler for the first time you will first need to Activate



                Then the fields for enrollment will be grayed out as the values are being read from your enroll.prf file.



                If you tap on the Home button within the enabler (not the Android home button) you should see that the Synchronization process has already started or is complete. There is no need to ever hit the Register button.