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    Agent settings for Servers


      Besides on the default agent settings for server, any suggestion or other setting for servers (win2012/2008/2003).

      Please help, advise.


      Thank you.

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          Hello, with LDMS being a suite of tools it truly depends on what your use case is for the product. By default the configuration is setup in a way that shouldnt add on unneeded overhead in areas you dont need it. With servers this is of course important.

          If you use software distribution to them you will want to configure the agent settings within that, the same goes for patch manager.

          The great thing about LDMS is the agent settings can be updated and a new agent doesnt need to be redeployed. So you are actually able to tinker around with your settings.


          There is some additional helpful information available on what the various settings mean found here: http://help.landesk.com/docs/help/en_US/LDMS/10.0/default.htm#cshid=ClientSetup_Component