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    Template Detection in LDMS 2016

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      First of all, apologies if this question was already asked, not even sure how to word it, much less search for the answer.

      I upgraded last Friday to LDMS2016 and I'm still working out the kinks before I dive into new features, but one issue in particular is driving myself and some of my coworkers up the wall.


      Previously in LDMS9.6 SP2, the LANDesk PE seemed to have some kind of logic for keeping constant communication with the Core server while "idle" on the provisioning login screen (asking for domain/user/password). If you create a Bare Metal device with the MAC address of the device, and launch a scheduled OS provisioning task on that Bare Metal device, the template would kick off on the device and proceed normally.


      The behavior right now is that even when you launch a template for the device, it will not kick off and will sit idle. If you log in with your domain/username/password, it will then detect the template that has been launched for it and proceed normally. The obvious problem with this being that I have to light touch (or in the case of our organization's passwords, heavy touch) every device.

      Is this new behavior expected, or am I missing some credentials or configuration somewhere?


      Steps taken so far:

      -Checked network blocking appliances on the network (my favorite!)

      -Ran the OS.UPGRADE.exe to regenerate our Pre-environments, and redeployed those to our PXE representative.



      Maxfield F


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