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    Opening *certain* windows


      Hi everyone,


      I have come across a really unusual issue. First up, I'll confess that we're still on LANDESK 7.5 (though I don't think this issue is related to that). So...the symptom:


      User is logged in to the console and tries to launch a ticket to view it. The user then gets a dialog saying that the call is locked...by him. On dismissing the dialog nothing else appears and, looking as an admin, I can see the call is indeed locked by him.

      This happens for EVERY call he tries to open, and it also follows him around from machine to machine. Then it gets really weird.

      If they log out of LANDESK (BUT NOT OUT OF THE COMPUTER), and someone else logs in, this other user doesn't have a problem opening calls.

      I've uninstalled and re-installed the console on the user's machine and, although the user has a workaround of using Web Desk, he prefers the console so I'd like to get to the bottom of it.

      Kind regards,