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    How do I create a daily scheduled task where it would e-mail me a report?


      I have a report that I need Xtraction to send me automatically on a daily basis. The problem is I cannot figure out how to set this scheduled task up. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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          GreggSmith SupportEmployee

          Xtraction has 3 types of reporting objects, called Dashboards, Documents, and Reports.  Only Documents and Reports can be scheduled.  Most people build Dashboards and Documents, so I am assuming are referring to those.  If you created a Dashboard,  you will not be able to schedule that.  However, if you load that dashboard into the Dashboard Designer, there is a menu option Tools > Copy to Document that will take the contents of the dashboard and copy it into a document.  Once you save the document, you can then schedule it (after a document has been saved, an icon appears in the top right for scheduling the document).


          Hopefully, this puts you on the right track.  If you need further guidance, just let me know.


          Also, if schedule the document and then it never seems to run, it may be that the Windows service on the Xtraction server that manages the scheduled jobs was not configured (correctly).  If you encounter this issue, have your Xtraction admin finish that configuration step from the installation instructions (they can always open a support ticket if they don't know what needs to be done).




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