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    Landesk SD 2016 Error reading attachment data from database


      Hi, hoping some one could help. I have created a Facilities Module from scratch, now that the new "create module" feature is added. Everything works fine except when I add an attachment manually to the ticket. Let me elaborate, when an email is sent to the system with an attachment I can then easily open that attachment  and send it out thru an email with no problems. But when I click an action in the ticket "add attachment" and then brows and add any type of file and click save, I see that it the file is added but clicking on the link comes back with an error "Error reading attachment data from database".


      User X = the user that added it manually.


      Clicking this link comes up with the following error.


      My reminders include attachments but emails are not going out. When I look in the event viewer I see the following error:


      I have logged a case with support about this but we all know how long that takes, any help is greatly appreciated.