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    Can provisioing use the task owner as a variable?


      I was wondering if there is a way to leverage the username of the tech that starts the template to put that into an action in WinPE.


      The scenario is this,


      I am running LDMS 9.6 SP2, I start a provisioning task from within WinPE by logging into the prompt and selecting a template. I have a provisioning template in WinPE set to run killdisk so we can wipe the hard drive of the system before disposal. Right now each tech has their own task that launches powershell and uses a static entry with the techs name to create a report from killdisk that includes the tech name and the computer name on it so we can track who wiped which systems.


      Can anyone think of a way to create a single task with a variable that can capture the name of the task owner who started the template so I can feed this into powershell when it launches killdisk? Is anyone doing something like this? Or maybe I just have to keep on with creating this templates for each new tech...