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    Database Table for Result of Scheduled Task

    JonC Apprentice

      I am writing a SQL query, to report on the result of a scheduled task on individual machines. When looking at the result of the scheduled task in the console, I can see it failed with result of "The scan attempt triggered a self-update. Please scan again". From the LD_Task_Machine table, I can see that it had the MAC_STATUS of 3 (Failed). I have been searching left and right in the DB for that result field, but have had no luck so far. Does anyone know where that result field is pulled from in the Database? Also in the console, there is a Return Code that I could not match up with the MAC_RETCODE on the LD_Task_Machine table. I am guessing that is stored in the same place as the result field. If anyone knows where that is, I would definitely like to know.