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    How to have host play a sound on device


      We have a number of Symbol MC32N0 mobile computers with TelnetCE 7.0 installed used for connecting to a AS/400 system.

      The AS/400 developers are looking into new functionality where that want to play a different sound on the mobile computer depending on the status of the scanned item.


      Is it possible at all for the host to request sounds to be played on your mobile device?


      In the Emulation parameters for Telnet CE I can only find parameters controlling if a tone is played for Scan Decode Beep and similar parameters, nothing related to what I want.


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          Matt Dermody SSMMVPGroup

          You can load WAV files into the Resources of the TelnetCE client on the device and then use Screen Scraping based scripting to play different sounds depending on on screen information. Meaning, if the item scan returns a screen that says ITEM STATUS XYX then you could have a script that scrapes that off of the screen and plays the corresponding XYZ .WAV file. I have used this approach for selectively playing different Error noises depending on the message returned from the host application.


          Pseudo Code



          Activate On Screen Update


          If (Search Screen("XYZ"))


          Else If (Search Screen("ABC"))



               Do Nothing

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            Thank you very much. It worked perfectly fine for me.


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