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    Network and Telephone data

    DrNelson Apprentice

      We are of course trying to get rid of systems that are no longer viable. We currently have our telephone data in a Banner (Ellucian) table and our network detail in a custom built web app. Before the app and banner the information was stored in an access database.

      This data is used to keep track of telephone extensions and phone types and network cable information for billing. We would love to be able to put this information in service desk but don't know if it is possible or wise.

      Below is the information that they record (the items underlined are already attributes in service desk for other uses). I know there is a telephony module in service desk that allows us to place calls, etc., but mainly at this point we just want to keep track of the data.


      Port Detail

      Building: Social Science

      Room:   101

      Drop:     B0-009 B-L

      Type:     Dual

      Index:   MLAA02


      Phone Detail

      Building: Law

      Room:   156

      Cable Pair: 16x121

      DN (Extension): 6951

      Jack: jk-a0-058a1

      Terminal Number/ Switch: 068 0 07 01

      Set Type: CM8003

      NCOS: 01

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          Fabian Schmidt Expert

          From my understanding, these information should be included into a CMDB.

          Service Desk has a CMDB component where you would also be able to enter your information.




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            We are going through this process right now.


            We treat line numbers and ports as assets and thought about moving them in to LANDesk as such. We haven't done anything with Asset Management so we chose not to put inventory there (yet).

            Because we have complicated processes around issuing new lines and the time constraints caused by an aging application, we found it faster to build in a custom app to help manage the process.


            For billing we are doing the following:

            1. Requests come into LANDesk and once assigned to the correct group are picked up in our custom app.

            2. Techs build "Work Orders" with each resource request (asset or service) lined out with costs in our custom app (Yes we plan to move this in the future).

            3. Upon financial approval, app creates child tickets in LANDesk for each resource request (ensures SLA for each) along with billing information.

            4. When each child ticket is completed, details with billing are written to file which is picked shipped via FTP to our billing application.




            Hope that gives you some ideas.

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              DrNelson Apprentice

              I found out that these can be added as a CI, however now my problem is figuring out a primary key. With telephones we have some extensions in multiple locations so the extension (Ex: x1234) cannot be the primary key. Is there a way that service desk can generate a primary key?


              I was hoping to import the data from or old system that is going to be retired.

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                JonC Apprentice

                Out of curiosity, how are you writing the tickets to files?

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                  DrNelson Apprentice

                  This may not help at all, but here is a better explanation of what we would like to do. It isn't currently active; we are just in the building/ testing phase.

                  The underlined items I just started building and figuring out how it would work exactly. The first 3 points are built and have been tested successfully.

                  We are not using anything specialized for this, just Service Desk, Excel, and our Banner Finance.


                  • I have a request built that a user completes that gives them approval to place telephone or network work orders (excluding repairs, which everyone can see). When the authorization request is completed and approved, it automatically places that user into an end user group (that allows them to see the work order forms in the service catalog).
                  • A user places a request for work, the ticket is sent to our technicians to do the work.
                  • The technicians finish their work; they complete the ticket. This includes adding charges for the work (this was a window I built)
                  • My goal is to then have the technician add or make modifications to the CI as part of the process. (this is the part we really have not figured out at the moment).
                  • At the end of the night a scheduled query runs that pulls any of the charges that were made that day into a file that is then fed into our Banner Finance system.



                  We are currently trying to export the data from the old systems (into excel), then import the data into Service Desk.

                  So that our technicians will not have to enter thousands of telephone extensions or network ports.


                  The reason we need this is that we still bill for telephones and data ports on a monthly basis.

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                    We are still putting our process together which does some of the same functions, including exporting details about completed services(SKU#) w/ costs and department billing accounts to be ingested by a separate system.


                    Because of time (our telephone management solution is dying) we have chosen not to move phone numbers into LANDesk yet and will manage them in custom application.


                    While we haven't solved how we will write data to a file, we know that is the route we have to go. Hoping to have more info on that in the next couple of weeks.

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                      DrNelson Apprentice

                      Any ideas on how to make the telephone extensions searchable (like the hyperlink for a raise user)? When on the window is brought up there is no option under display attributes to show the hyperlink (like with the raise user).