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    Filter selectors on attributes

    Vicky1985 Apprentice



      I have a business object call reassign incident which allows agents to reassign incidents to another team.

      We have a category for each team and I would like to set a query on the reassign object so that only the categories relating to that team display (at the moment all display).


      I have tried setting up a query on the attribute category within the business object reassign on the filter selectors option however I can either get it so no categories are displayed in the list or if I switch the query round slightly all the filters come back (not only the ones related to the group) and they dont assign correctly you have to go back into the incident to assign the category again.


      The filter I set up was like the below:

      Support group, support group title equal to value type category title.


      Any help to get this working would be appriciated.