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    How do you identify assests not for replacement?

    ferrispd Apprentice

      Hello all,

           We replace our users computer on the 3 year warranty cycle, but some have second workstations (usually out of warranty), which we do not replace.  Any recommendations for how to identify these workstations, electronically (LANDesk) and physically?

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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

          Is there anything at all that differentiates them that the inventory can pickup?


          What is your process for deciding when and for allocating second workstations? Do you get involved with them at all?


          Providing there is a point at which you get involved then you have a few options.


          1 - You could simply rename any system that is a second workstation so that they follow a naming convention that allows you to easily identify them

          2 - You could send a registry change package so that the inventory can find these systems


          Both of the above have issues if the users are allowed to do anything they want to the devices including rebuilding the OS. In this case you might need to hook into unique hardware settings in some way.


          1 - Create a query that is tied to the MAC address of the device and modify the query each time there is another 'second' workstation allocated (if there are lots this could be a very long query)

          2 - If you have LDDA you could look at using a spreadsheet (or other) source to allow you to mark any inventory record that contains the MAC address as a 'second workstation'


          So it depends a bit on how you work today, how you could potentially work in the future and what you already own of LANDESK. Hope this gives you a few ideas though.


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