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    unable to remote


      I'm unable to remote newly deployed PC's. In some cases the IP address shows were the PC was built before sending it off to it's destination and never refflects the new address. Anyonne run across this before?



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          Kenyon Expert

          My initial thought on this is that the client is not updating its inventory once it is deployed. Have you tried to run inventory locally on the client once it has been deployed? I would be curious if it succeeds.

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            MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

            You need to do some testing to make sure that wherever those PCs are going they can still find and communicate with your server.


            Agree with the run an inventory manually while sat in from of the machine. This gives some good initial information. The most likely issues could be:


            1 - Cannot resolve server name. Potentially your client connectivity settings use only the shortname of the server which cannot be resolved on the remote site. If a remote client pings the name does it resolve? Try a FQDN does that work? If only FQDN works you need to change the client connectivity settings.

            2 - Firewalls between sites blocking traffic


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