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    SLA Query/Reporting

    broberson Apprentice

      Good afternoon!  Currently I am trying to see if I can build a query that will show me only the Incidents which breached due to a resolution time - not for any other reason.  Is there any way to separate that out?  Currently we have SLAs tied to a 'Customer Contacted' action - and the final Resolution of the ticket.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks!

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          CraigMiddelstadt Master

          If you want this, then you should only breach the Incident based on the Open to Resolution time period and not any other time.  Open to Acknowledge period should not be set up to breach the Incident.  Then write your query to show Incidents that breached based on "Is Breached" = True.  This is based on it not meeting the resolution period.


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            broberson Apprentice

            Understood - I just want to clarify that because I now am doing SLAs on two actions in Incidents there is no way to pull out data for one? Thanks!