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    To globally exclude a file extention in LANDesk Antivirus do you use *.ext, .ext, or just ext?  I see this done three ways in LANDesk documentation.

    jmarkh68 Apprentice

      I am a little confused about how to globally exclude an extension in LANDesk Antivirus.  I see what may be contradictions?  In article How to set up Ivanti Antivirus Exclusions there is a picture showing an extension exclusion proceeded with a period (.VSP), but beneath the picture it says, "For file extensions exclusions can be entered in the following formats: (EXT - Searches all paths, Drive:\Directory\Subdirectory\*.exe, Variable\Directory\*.exe)". Does that mean we enter just the text and no period (dot)?  Also, there is a discussion in the LANDesk Community that says we can follow the same rules as Kaspersky and points to the article Examples of Trusted zone exclusion masks in Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows Workstations.  In this article, an asterisk is used before the extension (*.exe).  Do all of these ways work?