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    Decommisioning a Software from Portal


      We are using Landesk Maangemnt suite 9.6.

      We have created a Schedule Task for a software to install a software from the "Portal" by using the portal settings "Recommended(Display in Portal)" and checked the "Allow users to run as desired" which makes it available even after installation.


      1.How can we remove the software from the Software Catalogue ( in case of any decommisioned softwares)

      2. How to remove the Software for the Technician deployement

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          Generally, by right-clicking on the scheduled task and selecting 'Cancel'.  Thanks!

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            wcoffey SupportEmployee

            Hi Arun.C, As long as the task is available to the client on the core, the portal will display the option. To remove these items from being available to the client/portal delete the task from the core or remove the client devices from the task. You will then have to run policysync.exe manually from the client by refreshing the portal, launch the exe from the ldclient directory or wait for local scheduler to run policysync at it's scheduled interval. Please let us know if you run into any other issues. Thanks