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    Patch and Compliance


      In the process of setting up Patch and Compliance. I had already downloaded some patches but then decided to start over so I purged the patch and compliance definitions. Which in turn deleted all patches currently available. I then went on to try to re-download patches using definition group settings. However now I can't seem to download anything but Landesk patches. I have made sure I selected the correct updates but still can't seem to download microsoft updates.


      I am running Landesk 9.6

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          Tanner Lindsay SupportEmployee

          You are saying you can only download LANDESK updates. Is that the only option you see available in the download window, or the only ones that seem to be there after you download? If it is the former, you may want to check your license or re-activate your Core Server. If it is the latter, you might have some Definition Group settings that are sending things to odd places, or you might have a view filter selected in the console.


          If you still can't resolve it, I'd recommend you contact LANDESK Support.

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            the issue was that my license for patches was expired. I called support and they were able to re-activate it.