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    query condition types

    jkhill Specialist

      Is there a comprehensive list somewhere of all condition types that can be referenced in the WebAccess URL?


      The mashup doc just says, "Condition types abbreviations are defined in the Touchpaper.Web.Console.Components.ConditionTypeAbbreviations class and are not listed here."  I tried adding a reference in a C# project to Touchpaper.Web.Console.Components.dll but couldn't find a class by that name.


      I'm referring to abbreviations like -c- for Contains and -gt- for Greater Than.



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          This documentation is not currently available.


          The ones I heard of are.  But i have not tested these so I can not say 100% if these will work for you.


          bw               Begins With

          c                  Contains

          dnbw           Does Not Begin With

          dnc              Does Not Contain

          dnew           Does Not End With

          ew               Ends With

          e                  Equals

          ec                Equals Category

          edt               Equals Date Time

          gt                Greater Than

          gte              Greater Than Or Equal

          i                   In

          ib                 Is Between

          ibd              Is Between Dates