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    Is it possible to use Data Analytics to get the MAC address of computers you have ordered from Dell?

    Bubbaattech Apprentice

      We have 200 or so PCs that we just ordered from Dell and we would like to pre-populate them in LANDESK so that we can quickly provision them.

      Is there a mechanism in LDDA or some other method for getting the MAC addresses into LANDESK?


      I've attempted to get them to provision using the service tag # as the identifier when adding them to the baremetal group and the deployment task does not start when I PXE boot them into the LD Provisioning Windows PE.  I get prompted for my LANDESK credentials and then have to manually chose a template even though the service tag # is in a scheduled task that is "waiting".


      running 9.6 sp 2 with the latest CP installed.