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    AutoLogon in Windows 7


      Does anyone know how I can prevent LANDesk from blocking (or disabling) the Windows 7 AutoLogon (we use the SysInternals' AutoLogon app - very easy to use - I think it creates a couple registry entries).  After a recent LANDesk repair job, autologon stopped working on several Windows 7 computers.  Probably a security fix, but we need it to work on a small group of computers.  Does anyone know if there is a blocked application that I can add to the Do Not Block list for this?  I can't find a DENY-autologon entry - we are on version 9.6.  Many thanks.


      Sam S.

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          Tanner Lindsay SupportEmployee

          This is not something I'm familiar with. Normally applications are blocked by the "Application Blocking" tool, which would require you to add the application you want blocked, or through various options on EPS. How are you determining LANDESK is blocking/interfering? Is it LANDESK, or a patch that was installed by LANDESK? You might consider opening a case with support for further review.