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    Solved: Windows 10 unattend ComputerName

    1EarEngineer Specialist

      So i've been racking my head as to why this is not working but for whatever reason, the ComputerName is no longer being set by landesk during OSD when we switched to Windows 10. If I look in ldprovisioning.log I can see that the name is listed there, however the ComputerName will be either DESKTOP-XXXX or WINDOWS-XXXX.


      We are running 9.6 SP2 with the 2016-0216A BASE CP.


      If I use the default landesk unattend, it doesn't enable to local Admin account nor does it autologon. If I manually add those, sysprep fails everytime, even if I'm using SIM to make the changes. I've also ensured that our Public Variables and the variables match in the sysprep, there are no other unattend files on the image.