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    How to based Urgency on Category?

    pdabrowski Apprentice

      Hi, I ma new to being a Landesk 'Administrator'. I was just trying to add a functionallity described in the topic. I thought I had a pretty good idea how to do it, yet I am getting an error when I try to save.

      Here it is what I 've done.


      At first I wanted to add automatic assigment based on Category. I found a topic here, on this forum (Assign Incident to different Group according to Category), and it did work very nicely. So, using the same logic I am trying now to add Urgency value based on the same Category.

      So i ve made URGENCY values availabe on the desired category window. So far so good. Then I ve went to proccess and inserted 'automatic action' that looks like this:

      kawalek procesu.JPG

      Well, it is in polish, but I am sure you got that . Autimatic action is made from scratch, and 'inside' it looks like this:


      Pilność = Urgency


      Now when I am trying to save the process I am getting following error:



      First part reads: "Erroe during saving of a current process".


      I would appreciate any help.