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    ld3appl.template reg key addition change not working


      hi all,


      I've added a line to the ld3appl.template file which says:


      ;Screensaver reg key
      KEY=HKCU, "Control Panel\Desktop", SCRNSAVE.EXE, Custom Data - Screensaver - Screensaver


      Hit - 'Make available to clients'  and ran some inventory scans.


      The new key now shows under custom data on the client's inventories, but with the wrong value.  If I look at the actual registry on a machine, their screensaver is set to the one I rolled out (using a batch file distribution in LANDesk), but the inventory shows 'logon.scr' which is what it was before the roll out 2 days ago.


      Any ideas why it's showing incorrectly?  (It's a pain coz I want to use a query showing this so I know which machines still need the batch file running to update their screensaver).


      many thanks,



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