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    LANDESK Management Suite 2016 - Return Error 1331, The action failed


      This error occurred during: The first step of imaging, mapping a drive on the user’s machine.

      Error Return Code: 1331, The action failed



      Spoke with support:


      1. Easiest fix would be related to the preferred server password. Support said there was a known issue related to the password of the preferred server having special characters. They said we could try changing the password to something without special characters and seeing if that works.
      2. Next they said that we should make sure the preferred server is named exactly what is setup in the template. So if it is using FQDN we need to have a preferred server in the FQDN as well.
      3. The last option is to get the logs from the target machine and call back support so they can troubleshoot further.


      In the middle of our investigation we noticed that the Read Username AD account had recently been deactivated. Our security team was able to re-enable the account and imaging was successful. I didn't see anything on return code 1331 and thought the steps from support might be helpful as well as our unique situation/fix.