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    Change computer name with device name - OS Deployment

    Giovanni.peretti Rookie

      Hi All,

      i am new to the LanDesk Management Suite.

      I need to deploy an OS Image (already captured) to 10 Workstations joined to the Domain.

      I've no problems to deploy the image and to join to the domain, but i don't know how change the computer name of workstations (during the deployment process, it assigns a "casual" computer name).

      Using Bare Metal Provisioning i can assign a "Device Name" to a MAC address importing from a .csv file.


      For example

      Laptop1, XXXXXXXXXX

      Laptop2, XXXXXXXXXX



      I would like to compile a .csv file including all my workstations and to use the "Device Name" in this file to populate automatically also the computer name during the OS deployment process.


      Is it possible?


      If not, can you help me to change automatically the computer name of some workstations together?




      Thaks in advance and best regards!