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    Scan for specific file?


      hi all,


      Is it possible, to add in the ldappl3.template perhaps, a line that will scan for a specific file?


      We've rolled out a new screensaver to everyone, using a batch file.  There is an associated .ini file, which may change from time to time.


      I would like to be able to scan for the file, and show the file date in the inventory data, so I can use a query to see which machines are running what version of the file.


      Is this possible?  and how would I do that?


      Many thanks,



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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          Well - you'd have to add ".ini" as a scan-extension, but overall I don't think SLM would be a good way to do it.


          Personally, I'd write a little script (VB or whatever your poison is) and run that at login. This little script's purpose is to find this INI-file and identify its version (based on stuff you feed it) ... the results (i.e. "MyScreensaver version 10.5" or whatever) could then be simply fed into inventory via custom data ... nicely automated, and VERY easy to query against (since it's custom data, it would thus be a normal field you could build queries on).


          This might work better for you?


          Paul Hoffmann

          LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead

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            zman Master

            Paul raises some good points.  Screensavers are basically exes with a scr extension. So if you right click on the scr files you will see that it has a version tab. So if you really want to track the version of the screen saver file, one option could be to include .scr in your ldappl and then use slm to track. I have not tried this but it should work in theory. Also there should not be that many scr files on a machine (could be wrong) so it should not bloat the db too much. 

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              MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

              If it is only the .ini file you are interested in then try using the Configuration Files section of the ldappl3.template file:


              ; Configuration files
              ; Ommission of the drive letter works on all local hard drives. There can be
              ; 4 CfgFilesx lines and more items per line.
              ;CfgFiles1=c:\config.sys c:\autoexec.bat
              ;CfgFiles2=\windows\win.ini \windows\system.ini
              ;CfgFiles3=c:\nwclient\startnet.bat c:\nwclient\net.cfg


              Uncomment one of these lines and add the path to the .ini file you want to collect. Then the inventory of the machine will have an entry similar to the screenshot.


              This will let you see the file size etc, plus it will also keep a copy in the DB so you can browse the contents (but not search it via a query).


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                ahe Expert

                Another hint :-) see this thread and the embedded links: Re: How to inventory for Excel 2003 Add-ins


                Ask your support for the tool regtoinv (from LANDesk), this can read ini files too...