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    Control Dock on Mac

    chris.morelock Rookie

      Hey Guys, I am new to LANDesk and was wondering if this can be done.  We have a few scripts on our computers and there is a link to this script located in the dock of the Mac.  I know that I can place the link to the script in the dock using a profile in the form of a shortcut, but I was wondering if there is a way to control what link goes to the dock based on the user that is logged in to the computer through AD?  I was able do this with our old management solution but I was wondering if this is possible with LANDesk?  How?  Thanks! We are running the latest LANDesk 2016 software.

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          Bennett Norton Expert

          An easy way to do it for the user account would be to place it into Workspaces and have the user click on the package and install it themselves.  So doing would ensure the proper user context would always be there.


          If you need to run it automatically, without user intervention, the only way I can think of doing it would be to push out a shell script that discovered the users on the machine and then executed the action based on each user profile.  Something like:




          userList=`dscl . list /Users shell | grep -v false | sed 's/_.*//' | sed 's/root//' | sed 's/Guest//' | sed 's/ .*//' | sed '/^$/d'`

          for userName in $userList


               insert your command here using the $userName variable