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      I have been holding my temptation to upgrade to Service Pack 1.  I'm using LDMS 8.8 and setting up another machine to test it with SP1.  Recently I heard that SP2 is comming out shortly, "That may have to come from LANDesk ;-) There are a lot of good reasons to upgrade to 8.8 SP2 (SP2 should be out shortly) but it is a big upgrade so I would start the planning/testing now."


      Should I bother upgrading to SP1 with SP2 comming out soon?  Reason I'm asking is due to the work involved, patching, upgrading Agents etc...

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          zman Master

          Since that was my quote     I'll try to answer. I don't work for LANDesk so the statement was based on things I hear through unofficial channels. I don't know the date but I hear it is close - yeah a relative term - but If I had to guess by the EOM.  SP2 will include new functionality (Power Management tools and a App launcher) There are two good E  learning videos on the site about both.



          So we really can't answer the question as to whether you should jump now or wait. depends on a lot of things. If it were me I would wait for SP2.  Not  for the new features, but for the fixes/patches.

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            Thanks zman, though suprised considersing the number of posts I thoughts you work for LD.

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              zman Master

              NP, LANDesk has policies about hiring people like me   

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                phoffmann SupportEmployee

                Yeah, they had to after I joined .