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    LANDESK 2016/Ver 10 - HII Questions

    edwest Apprentice

      Hello All,


      I have noticed that in the new LANDESK 10 server there are a few new items we can directly download HII drivers from "Patch and Compliance".


      My question:


      How often do these model numbers get updated?  Why I ask is because it shows all of our older dell models but all the new models from this year are not listed?  How can I get them listed or what is the process to get the list updated to show the newer Dell computers?


      I am looking for the Optiplex 3040 and Latitude E7470?  Neither of these are in my list.


      Any help would be appreciated.



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          Jarek.Piszczatowski SupportEmployee

          Hi Ed,


          In order to request a new Patch Manager content, please open a ticket with LANDESK Support and describe what type of content you need.




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            edwest Apprentice

            Hi Jarek,


            I am not too sure if I agree with this because there are new computers that come out all the time.  LANDESK should be proactive and get the computers added in a timely manner.


            I did call in to get this added but it was a helpdesk ticket and not a request ticket.  So, I probably have to create a new ticket for this to happen.


            I don't think this is a good idea especially if we have to call in to get the drivers we need.  I can download the driver set in way less time then it would take to call LANDESK and put in a ticket.  And who knows how long this process will take when you are trying to deploy the computer in question. The same day or a week?


            I hope LANDESK fixes this process because this is definitely a broken process if a user has to call in to get it added.


            I can't believe that I am the only user asking about this.  This should be automatic.




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              What I did was to take the dell 3040.  I completed the default install, loaded the agent on it, did an inventory.  Then the item showed up on the list.  I also then created a new folder where the HII db is stored called it the computer model#  (E7450, O3040), downloaded the dell driver pack, unzipped it to this new folder location.  I was then able to use HII.




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                edwest Apprentice

                Hi David,


                Thanks for your reply.  I had already did this and it is working.  The point was how do we as a LDMS customer get newer PC's added to the Patch and Compliance location in the landesk 2016 software? I think that it's really cool feature because it keeps this area updated with the most current drivers without us having to download them.