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    Default Dashboard and Reports


      is there a Default Dashboard and Reports when installing Xtraction For Landesk Service Desk and Management suit ?


      or i have to build them from the strat

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          guillaume.serton Apprentice

          You have to build them.

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            GreggSmith SupportEmployee

            Hello Mohammad,


            There ARE some sample dashboard and reports.  We are still working out where they will be located, how they will be accessed/maintained, etc.


            We are also working on creating sample sets for our other adapters/connectors as well.


            My suggestion was to make them available here in the Community and also provide a way for customers to share their dashboards and documents as well.  Maybe have a process where customers can upload their examples and customers can download/import individual dashboards/documents that interested them.  Another possibility is to periodically combine some or all of those contributions into a single, updated sample pack.


            Before I just attach a set of samples to this post, let me look into where we are with this process, since pointing you to the appropriate location may be better then putting a copy of samples in this post that could then get "old" over time, since it isn't being maintained.




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              fahussain Apprentice

              Totally Agree with Gregg and it will help new Xtraction user