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    Combining a SAP GUI install with a SAP patch


      Hello everyone,


      I am a begginer getting into sofware distro.  I am using LDMS 8.8 with SP1.


      I created an SAP GUI 7.1 package using LANDesk package builder and it works great!  However when I upgrade my users to SAP 7.1 they are having issues that can be fixed with a SAP patch.    I could create two separate packages, one for the SAP upgrade, one for the patch, but that would create a lot more work. 


      I created a ditributioin package for the SAP GUI then in Additional Files I added the .exe patch.  See attachment.  Whenever I push the distrobutioin package to the PCs it will install the SAP GUI but it is not patched.  This confuses me because it says that the task completed succesfully.


      Any ideas on how to make this work or I am welcome to ideas on how to do this diferently.  I just want to get my people upgraded to SAP 7.1 patch level 9. 


      Thanks in advance,


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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          "Additional Files" means "Extra files you want to copy". It does NOT mean "Run this afterwards".


          What you could do is just create a batch file / AutoIT script or so, which takes care of this - install the first, and then install the latter (and you'd provide the SAP client and the service pack as additional files for your AutoIT binary or so).


          Hope this clarifies what you're seeing?


          Paul Hoffmann

          LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead

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            zman Master

            Paul is correct additional files just copies to the local cache. You could:


            1. Make the patch the primary package, then make full gui install a prereq package.

            So the Prereq package full gui installs first then the patch installs second. Sort of weird,you have to think backwards and I'm good at that.

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              ahe Expert



              for updating the older SAP 7.1 installations create a query (s. picture) and use it for your Scheduled Task.



              To use only one package, you've to "slipstream" the patch in your SAP 7.1 installation files (with NwUpdateInstServer.exe or NwSapSetupAdmin.exe)




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                MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

                Also consider that when you create a scheduled task you can set a preliminary package, a main package, and a final package so that you can perform multiple steps.  Make sure when you create you scheduled task that you have selected a mechanism other than multicast cache only before you try to choose your package otherwsie woyu will only see the main package option.


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